| 04 Mar 2024
Creators slingshot to fame with Rizzle series

MUMBAI: Rizzle creators are landing opportunities to star in series produced by popular media houses, making Rizzle an even more attractive platform for ambitious creators. Rizzle is India’s leading short series app - a genre that is defining the next evolution in short videos.

Rizzle recently partnered with RVCJ, a popular media house, for the production of bite-sized vertical series on the platform which will cast Rizzle creators. The partnership is focused on curating talent on Rizzle and propelling them to stardom via viral and entertaining short series.

Rizzle Studios launched a few months ago and provides free acting and dancing classes to aspiring creators, elevating their content game. These creators then make next-level content on Rizzle, making it a great talent pool for production companies to find their stars.

The very first series, Love with Shayar, starring popular Rizzle creator Khyati Sharma, was released on December 22nd and is available for viewing on Rizzle.

Speaking about the partnership with RVCJ Media, Ms. Vidya Narayan from Rizzle shares, “Rizzle is a creator-first platform bringing the best in class tools to creators. With free classes and casting opportunities, Rizzle is proud to be making creator development its top priority. This association with RVCJ is a big step forward in creator opportunities and combined with the talent discovery that Rizzle provides, it is a win-win for all parties.”

Power creator and lead actress of the “Love with Shayar” an RVCJ produced Rizzle series, @pyaarinari aka Khyati Sharma states: “I'm really happy to be a part of the Rizzle app and I extremely blessed with the opportunity they have provided me to work with RVCJ. I’ve always wanted to work with production teams and I am grateful for Rizzle for helping build my personality and connecting me to industry professionals. I am the lead actress in my own Rizzle series and not a cringe-worthy internet personality. Throughout my journey on Rizzle, I have learned many different things as well as gained industry exposure. It was an honor to work with the RVCJ team and I cannot thank the Rizzle team enough for all they have done to make this possible.

Aziz Khan of RVCJ says, “RVCJ is extremely proud to partner with Rizzle, India's best short videos platform. This association is extremely creator-centric and will pave the way for talent to receive the stardom they deserve. With Khyati Sharma's casting in 10 short series, including Love with Shayar, we hope to kickstart a whole new era for Rizzle creators to star in several entertaining and viral mini-series.

RVCJ has also released several exclusive popular series on Rizzle including Ludo Champion, Film Industry Audition, Acting Guru and Delhi- Mumbai Couples, all of which have generated a lot of buzz on the platform.

Rizzle Series has been revolutionizing the short videos space with its signature vertical series that span for approximately 12 mins. These snackable series demonstrate the power and scale of user-generated series that are quickly becoming a revolution. This is the other side to the professionally produced series on Netflix and other OTT platforms. Along with that, Rizzle Studios brings free dancing and acting lessons to interested creators to upskill themselves online during the pandemic. Download Rizzle for more updates!