| 11 Dec 2023
Moral victory for businesses with Hiscox Business Interruption Insurance

MUMBAI: Michael Kill CEO NTIA; “This is a moral victory for thousands of businesses with Hiscox Business Interruption Insurance, that have been placed under unnecessary financial hardship because of the legal process that has been drawn out much longer than was necessary by Insurers”

“We are extremely pleased that the Supreme Court has dismissed the insurers appeal claims and supported the rights of thousands of businesses to be able to claim against there BI Insurance”

“We still have some detail to interpret on many of the other policies that have been reviewed by the Supreme Court, and will update throughout the day on the results”

“I would like to thank the FCA for there support throughout this process and the legal guidance of Philip Kolvin QC through a very dark period for many businesses”

“It is now very important that insurers do the right thing and expedite the payment process”