| 26 May 2024
How Ashutosh Phatak and Nitin Chandy are making music education mainstream and more accessible through their venture True School of Music

MUMBAI: True School Of Music(TSM)  is a Mumbai based music institute that provides professional and hobby music classes. True School’s core purpose is to educate musicians, music producers, sound engineers, DJ’s, music teachers and music business professionals to make music their long term sustainable career.  The idea behind True School was to educate the public on the opportunities that lie within the music industry. They have closely worked with the Ministry of Skill Development to define Job roles in the Music Industry within India. They have also worked with them to create courses to fulfil these job roles and so, therefore, TSM’s students today can now be certified under the Media & Entertainment Skill Council, for the various job roles they can pursue within the Industry. 

True School has a unique educational philosophy, to equip learners to achieve their personal aspirations while maintaining a clear and in depth awareness of the professional industry and the opportunities it presents. In addition to establishing a high quality learning environment, they have created a global network of academic, accreditation and industry partnerships to ensure that the qualifications you earn are globally recognised and the associated skill sets remain valid and relevant to the industry. Active industry engagement and real-world work opportunities play a pivotal role in True School’s learning experience through masterclasses, guest lectures, industry panels, industry networking events, performance opportunities and internships.

Adopting technology for online music education and introducing new online music courses

True School is a pioneer in adopting learning technologies for music education, and they have invested significant time and resources over the past 3 years to develop blended learning strategies that extend the learning beyond the classroom. When True School decided to conduct classes remotely, it was very clear that they weren’t simply going to create a bunch of Zoom or Google hangout sessions that would just mimic what usually takes place in a regular classroom. At True School of Music, faculty regularly use an online Learning Management System that is purpose-built to supplement classroom instruction with short video tutorials with examples of topics, interactive quizzes, group discussions, forums, and masterclasses. 

Students  learn through weekly live interactions with faculty, and engage with a wide variety of rich lesson material on TSM’s online Learning Management System, including review of pre-recorded audio and video content, practice assignments, online assessments, weekly personalised feedback from faculty, and extensive social interaction in the form of collaborative learning activities and peer assessments. True School’s online learning management system facilitates a highly interactive and social learning experience, with functions such as integrated personal and group messaging, social networking gestures, and a personal portfolio of creative works compiled from coursework assignments that the students can share with the outside world.

With the introduction of online learning in addition to TSM’s on-campus Pro Music programmes, True School’s music courses have now become all the more accessible and affordable for anyone wishing to learn any aspect of music, from anywhere in the world.