| 30 May 2024
Spotify’s new mix are now available free for premium users

MUMBAI: Spotify has spent the last year annoying its users with podcast exclusives and UI changes on desktop, but if you've been sticking by the app on the strength of its discovery engine, there's finally some good news for you. Daily mixes are getting a much-needed rejuvenation, with three new types of custom playlists now available for streaming.

Although the classic Daily Mixes are sticking around, the company is introducing new "Spotify Mixes" to add to your rotating music collection. Three categories have been included for your listening pleasure: genres, artists, and decades.

These new playlists feel a lot easier to navigate than Daily Mixes ever have. Naming each mix with specific genres and artists helps establish the playlist's vibe before you actually view the tracklist. Meanwhile, decade mixes do a great job of populating songs based on your liked music, rather than just what was popular at the time. Spotify is emphasizing these new collections over its legacy Daily Mixes, which have been pushed to the bottom of "Made for You."

Spotify's new mixes are now available for free and premium users. You can find them under the "Made for You" section within search on both desktop and mobile apps.