| 18 Jul 2024
Afghanistan: Taliban shuts music and radio channels; prohibits female voices on TV

MUMBAI: Taliban's new decree has come out in Afghanistan. Radio and TV channels and music have been banned in Kandahar. The broadcasting of women's voices on TV has also been banned.

This comes after some media outlets removed their female anchors after the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15. It was also reported by the Local media in Kabul that several women staff members were asked to return from their workplaces since the takeover.

However, the Taliban has assured that they would let women continue working and would allow them to study under Islamic law.

Contrary to the promises made by the Taliban, reports from local media show that women have started facing problems in their daily life.

In the past tenure, the Taliban was famous for their harsh treatment of women which included covering their heads and being accompanied by a male family member every time they stepped out of their homes.