| 29 Feb 2024
AHPS Prepares Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Through Decode Startup Program

MUMBAI: Academic Heights Public School, the award-winning secondary school chain, offers a Shark Tank inspired start-up program for its class 9-12 students.

The Decode Start-up Program is a pan-India program by AHPS that gives experiential learning to young minds for an experience in entrepreneurship. The program has been conceived after detailed research and is aimed at providing the best learning experience for the students.

The program is designed for students from classes 9th to 12thwhere two teams are selected from a school and are further shortlisted to ten teams across the country. The top three teams are chosen and given seed money for their ideas worth one lakh rupees if the students' original concept is brand-new, a process or product enhancement, or both.

AHPS's Decode Start-up Program truly nourishes the unicorns of tomorrow. Under this program, selected students are trainedvirtually by some of the industry experts while inviting fresh start-up ideas from fresh minds.

Mr. Ajay Gupta, CEO and Founder of Academic Heights Public School, said, "The entrepreneur scene in India is booming. By allowing students to receive project-based learning, experiential learning, service-learning, and vocational training, the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) hopes to foster an entrepreneurial culture throughout the nation."

He further added, "Schools, in my opinion, do not only bear the responsibility of educating, but also of developing and creating pathways and, ultimately, lives. Numerous courses provide students with options for what to choose and what to study. Nonetheless, as we move toward an AtmanirbharBharat, why not create entrepreneurs who will create jobs for others instead of searching for employment? Through our Decode Start-ups Program, our students would get to learn by doing. The program was made after a lot of research, and it would give our students the best chance to learn. The students who are chosen get special training from experts in the field and seed money from us, which can help them move forward on their way to becoming entrepreneurs. It's a step that shows we care about every student and meets the goal of education, which is to help students build their lives."