| 01 Oct 2023
Saurabh Srivastav shared about Spardha goals, curriculum and offers

MUMBAI: Saurabh Srivastav, founder of Spardha says each of Spardha’s products has been intelligently designed to solve all the major problems which exist in the Music Education sector as of today.

Spardha was founded by Saurabh Srivastav, Amrita Srivastav & Rikhil Jain in 2016. Spardha is building unique curated curriculums for different student personas, proprietary system to develop professional teachers at scale & personalized musical journeys for every student.

To know more about what the brand offers and their next goal for Spardha School of Music.

Check the interview below:

-Music schools are moving towards a more wholesome curriculum as opposed to simply being a hobby for children, do you believe that music can be a lucrative career option post class 12th?

In India, music is no longer being simply seen as a hobby. Millennial parents are very supportive of their children to receive holistic education, beyond academic knowledge.

With the New Education Policy 2020, music and performing arts are now being seen as part of a dedicated course curriculum and an academic framework.

At Spardha, we do exactly this. We are re-imagining music learning by creating a promising music school driven by curated curriculum, certified trainers & personalised musical journeys for various student needs. Each of Spardha’s products has been intelligently designed to solve all the major problems which exist in the Music Education sector as of today. Curated Curriculum for different student personas, a proprietary system to hire, upskill & manage teachers professionally, Personalized Journeys for different student profiles & above all a futuristic platform which combines the power of Curated curriculum, Professional Teachers & Personalized Musical Journeys into a seamless virtual classroom experience for all spardha students from the comfort of their home are all core building blocks of Spardha’s unique solution.

Therefore with the right attitude and guidance, students at Spardha can pursue a career in music as much as in any other field.

-The brand offers products in 3 different flavours, tell us more about it?

“Musical journeys for different Student Personas” is Spardha’s core product offering. The brand offers this product in 3 different flavours -

Green Field Musical Journey for students who are very young & want to explore Music for the first time

Passion Oriented Musical Journey designed for people across various age groups & professions who want to learn music as a Hobby, Passion or Life-Skill

Certification Oriented Musical Journey for serious music learners interested in structure & formal music education

Each of the Musical Journey across above three flavours have 4 proficiency levels i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional. With such a vast product range Spardha intends to create an ecosystem where you can receive end to end music & performing arts education no matter what may be your end goal.

-How beneficial music education is for children?

When children learn to play an instrument, they have to use both their hands and their feet to make the music. This helps them to develop coordination and fine motor skills. In addition, playing an instrument requires a child to use both sides of their brain at the same time. This helps to improve their overall brain development.

Learning music teaches children to set short-term goals and achieve them, develop routine in their daily life and practice self-discipline. Setting aside regular time for practice helps in developing commitment and patience.

Mastering a new piece of music whether it is through online music class or online guitar classes or online Tabla classes or online Piano classes, it leads to a sense of pride and achievement, and helps children to learn the value of self-discipline

Exposing children to music during the early stage of development helps them to learn the sounds and meanings of words. Music also helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practise self-expression.

Music can be used to help heal from a variety of mental, physical, and emotional illnesses or disabilities, including addressing the effects of dementia, autism and depression.

One of the most well-known benefits of music therapy is its ability to help people recover from stroke. A study published in the journal Stroke found that patients who received music therapy had significantly better recovery results than those who did not.

Music therapy has also been shown to be helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that music therapy helped patients with dementia communicate better, and even improved their mood and sleep quality.

Playing an instrument can also improve your mental health. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument can help improve memory and cognitive function, as well as increase levels of dopamine (a chemical that helps regulate mood). These benefits are not just limited to adults – music therapy has been shown to be especially helpful for children with ADHD and other learning disabilities.

-What is the next goal for Spardha School of Music?

Earlier this year, Spardha raised Rs 8 crore in a Pre-Series A2 round led by Inflection Point Ventures. The funds raised will be utilised for hiring across sales and operation along with product upgrade. The company will also be spending funds on brand building & marketing to further expand its presence in the global market. Spardha has registered around 400+ freelancer teachers in India to support its global delivery model.

End goal is to become a trusted brand in music & performing arts globally. Short term goal is to grow to 1 lakh+ registered users in the next 12 months.