| 24 Feb 2024
In a first; witnessing India’s legacy tea brand’s ode to companions of Chai

MUMBAI: Introducing Chayari by Society Tea, a series of love letters from Chai to everyone and everything that makes it the brew of the nation.

Episode 1: Chaiyari to Stove with Love
Episode 2: Chaiyari to Vada Pav with Love
Episode 3: Chaiyari to Biscuit with Love
Episode 4: Chaiyari to Milk with Love
Episode 5: Chaiyari to Radio with Love
Episode 6: Chaiyari to Tapri with Love
Episode 7: Chaiyari to Puddle with Love
Episode 8: Chaiyari to Charche with Love

Staying true to Society Tea’s legacy of documenting the Tea Society Called India, Chayari uncovers the quiet declarations of Chai to all the elements that make tea-time special around the city. Each episode from the series of eight, sheds new light on the everyday things associated with tea-time through a love letter from Chai. Just like Chai offers solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Chayari provides some respite from the clutter of digital content and allows us to appreciate the season and its beloved brew.

Chai and monsoons have been romanticised for ages. But the beauty of drinking chai when it’s raining isn’t in the grand gestures or larger than life declarations. It’s in the ordinary things, made extraordinary by that one warm sip. Chayari explores the simple moments of monsoon, from making chai to gazing endlessly out of the window. It’s a story of chai and its beloved rain which makes the mundane, magical. And what better way to witness beauty than through poetry! Poetry, that’s expressed in the language of a nation which is proud of its Chai.


Agency: Django Digital
Creative Team: Disha Daswani, Kirti Borkar, Rajmeet Singh Arora, Krishna Upadhyay
DOP/Videography: Aarish Bhatena