| 28 Mar 2023
IVM Podcasts survey says 60% of listeners take action after listening to an ad on a podcast

MUMBAI: In a survey done by IVM Podcasts, India's leading podcast network in association with InMobi Pulse and InMobi group-owned Glance, unique insights on podcast listeners were revealed. The study was done to delve deeper into consumption patterns in the audio-streaming market in India.

Unique advertising, city, age and format specific data were learned through the in-depth evaluation, which will help the podcast industry and brands looking to advertise in the medium with valuable information. 3200 Indian podcast listeners formed the sample set of the survey, reflective of the digital universe of India arrived at based on data from InMobi and Glance.

While the podcast growth was spread equally in metros and non-metros, city-specific findings draw a more diverse picture of the podcast listener landscape. Amit Doshi, Head, IVM Podcasts - Pratilipi shared "The podcast business still lacks recognised research or assessment processes because it is a relatively young medium. Given this, we think a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem is essential for all stakeholders. For those trying to develop content, marketing, and business strategies, an evaluation of this survey can prove to be useful"

Utsav Mamoria, Insights Head, InMobi Pulse commented " By utilising our intelligence capabilities and access to responders, we were able to gather the information that went beyond the scope of surface-level insights. The objective was to offer the industry thorough, inclusive, and incredibly valuable data that could be used at all levels"

City-Specific Insights

  • 84% of Mumbai's podcast listeners listen to podcasts in English


  • Mumbai (88%) and Pune (90%) prefer higher rates of storytelling format in podcasts when compared to the rest of the country.


  • At 70%, Kolkata is the only city that rated higher than other cities in preference for conversational format of podcasts. However, Kolkata listeners lean towards shorter episodes.


  • Delhi, Pune and Bangalore have higher trust in podcasts than the rest of the country

Advertising Specific Insights:

  • 56% trust brands advertised on podcasts


  • 60% of listeners reported taking action after listening to a podcast ad


  • 22% of listeners said they researched the brand


  • Crypto. Healthcare and BFSI were the top categories of brands of which listeners had a higher recall of

As the podcast medium grew, the industry witnessed great interest from brands to capitalise on the platform as an advertising medium. This report gives positive feedback and encouraging statistics to those wanting to explore the potential of the medium.