| 05 Jun 2023
Revolutionizing The Music Industry: CLIMAX Launches Groundbreaking New Algorithm plus Chart To Rank Top 100 DJ's

MUMBAI: As the first of its kind to use 100% factual data, the algorithm provides the most accurate and comprehensive ranking of the world's top 100 DJs and producers. Climax represents a new era in the music industry, taking a revolutionary approach to measure the impact of the world's most influential DJs and producers, which has been widely praised by top artists and industry insiders alike.

Using 15 different parameters extracted from 11 platforms combining social media metrics, Beatstats score, and streaming figures from across the board, Climax DJ Top 100 chart provides a ranking based on accurate and comprehensive data, giving music lovers around the world a true reflection of the most influential figures on the global scale. I've included assets and additional information linked below.

Marking a pivotal moment in the history of the music industry, the launch of Climax at their debut Miami Music Week event was a monumental success. The event showcased the most innovative and exciting talent in the dance music industry while also recognizing the exceptional creativity and prowess of the world's top 100 DJs. The revolutionary algorithm takes a unique approach to measuring success and impact, breaking new ground in the industry and providing a more objective and comprehensive approach to ranking DJs and producers.