| 02 Dec 2023
Pravaas unveils its next expedition in Mussoorie ; announces Zomato Live as exclusive access partner

MUMBAI : The hills of Mussoorie are set to come alive with Pravaas: A Journey of Mussoorie which will take place from 24-26th November 2023. Zomato Live, the LIVE events and experiences vertical of Zomato, has been onboarded as the exclusive ticketing platform, to bring this unmissable adventure to audiences that are passionate about holistically exploring destinations across India through premium itineraries. Rooted in exclusivity, this confluence of music and local discovery, Pravaas is crafted for a select few, ensuring a truly intimate experience.

Pravaas: A Journey of Mussoorie is set to be a takeover of the region, offering a multitude of experiences that will transform stunning locations into extraordinary celebrations. The curated experiences include:

1 The Winterline Dance: A Cosmic Confluence (24th & 25th Nov – 4:00 pm till late) - Embark on a celestial journey to the historic Sir George Everest House and immerse yourself in 'The Winterline Dance.' This cosmic experience harmonizes nature, history, and music in the very residence where Sir George Everest, the visionary behind Mount Everest's measurement, once dwelled. Witness the elusive Winterline, a natural marvel visible only from two spots on our planet: Mussoorie and the Swiss Alps. Featuring electrifying performances by Nu, Kohra, Multifuse, Kiss Nuka, Paloma, Dualist Inquiry, Tech Panda x Kenzani, Tyrell Dub Corp, Unnayanaa, and Sanyas-I, this event promises a peerless fusion of nature's allure and cutting-edge music.

2 Rhythms of Sainji: A Rural Melodic Retreat (26th Nov 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm) - Discover the allure of Sainji village with 'Rhythms of Sainji.' Set against the backdrop of 'The Aangan,' Nu, Kohra, Multifuse, and Paloma create a melodic vibe. Immerse yourself in the unique rural lifestyle, explore water-run flour mills, and embrace the captivating rhythms and culture of this hidden gem. This unique village, where corn is a way of life, is an hour's drive from Mussoorie.

3 The Garhwali Table: An Exclusive Gastronomic Journey - Embark on an exclusive gastronomic journey at 'The Garhwali Table,' located just a 10-minute drive from George Everest hill. Led by Pankaj Aggarwal of "Hapur Waalon ki Dukan," savor the exquisite "Raja Rani Ki Thali" amidst tranquil deodar forests. The experience includes authentic Choliya dance performances, creating a celebration of authenticity. Pre-booked seatings are available over multiple days.

4 The Victorian Listening Room: A Harmonious Journey (24th, 25th & 26th Nov 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm) - Dive into 'The Victorian Listening Room' at Claridges Nabha Residence, where sound and spirit harmonize. Pravaas, in partnership with SoundRedefined, presents curated vinyl playlists, hi-fi audio, and crafted cocktails inspired by regional ingredients. This auditory and culinary journey promises lasting memories amidst the charm of the British era.

5 Dali's Winterline Pizza Retreat: A Culinary and Artistic Encounter (24th & 25th Nov) - Immerse yourself in 'Dali's Winterline Pizza Retreat,' a pop-up pizzeria in multiple seatings at a secret spot on the way to George Everest Peak. Savor wood-fired pizzas and engage in pizza making. This surreal rendezvous, curated by Cafe Dali, promises an extraordinary culinary and artistic experience. The view of the winterline during sunset and the shimmering Doon Valley post is simply enchanting.

6 Sky Safari: Aerial Adventures in the Garhwali Indian Landscape (24th, 25th & 26th) - Unleash your wanderlust with 'Sky Safari,' offering exclusive choppers for joy rides over Mussoorie and the Garhwal region. Or opt for a swift transfer from Dehradun airport to Mussoorie. Tailored for those seeking beyond the ordinary, this is your ticket to unparalleled aerial adventures amidst the lush Indian landscape.

Commenting on this partnership, Zeenah Vilcassim, CEO, Zomato Live, added, “We recognise the resounding desire amongst the Indian audience for out-of-the-ordinary adventures that go beyond travel to involve authentic discoveries crafted exclusively for like-minded people. We are thrilled to partner with Pravaas to offer such an eclectic mix of culture, music and F&B that we believe will truly be an immersive travel experience uncovering India’s spectacular regions. This marks a great start to the kind of distinct and unique explorations we want to provide Indians access to.”

Speaking about this unique IP, Mahanaaryaman Rao Scindia and Nakul Mehan, Co-Founders, Pravaas, said, “Pravaas has a deeper purpose beyond hosting events in stunning venues. We created Pravaas with the firm belief that the rich tapestry of India's diverse regions, with their unique places, people, stories, and culture, is yet to be fully explored and embraced. With 'A Journey of Mussoorie,' our aim is to unveil the hidden treasures of this region through contemporary experiences crafted for the modern audience seeking uniqueness and elevation. Over three days, we curate 6+ experiences at the nexus of music, food, and culture, showcasing the yet undiscovered facets of the Mussoorie region.”

The experience is LIVE for booking on the Zomato mobile application, with stay packages for 2 pax. starting at INR 1,20,000 and experience-only packages for 1 pax. priced at INR 35,000 Guests can also opt for specific experiences only. Tickets available on Zomato - .