| 24 May 2024
Master Tour partners with Berklee College of Music

MUMBAI :  Industry-leading software Master Tour, is partnering with the Berklee Popular Music Institute (BPMI) at Berklee College of Music to bring its platform to the next generation of tour professionals. Through this partnership, students in the institute’s BPMI Live program will learn about Master Tour through the course curriculum. Students will be granted access to the platform to manage events and concerts on campus–invaluable early exposure to the software that they will almost certainly encounter in their careers following graduation.

“Berklee is committed to equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful the moment they graduate and beyond,” says Morgan Milardo, managing director of BPMI. “We are thrilled to partner with Master Tour to offer our students growth opportunities both through curricular integration and practical applications outside of the classroom.”

For over 20 years, the top touring professionals have battle-tested Master Tour. The leading tour management platform has developed features to streamline every step of the touring journey, most recently launching standardized tech packs for venues–ensuring that touring production teams have the latest verified information for all venue-specific production details.

As a result of this partnership, BPMI Live students will have access to Master Tour and all of its features–tour personnel tracking, travel itineraries, guest list management, accounting, venue database, and more.

“A lot of students go to college to study a particular field but don't know exactly what kinds of jobs they can pursue straight out of school,” explains Master Tour CEO Paul Bradley. “Master Tour not only teaches these students how to streamline touring operations, but it shows them a comprehensive list of career paths in the industry from tour manager to bus driver to lighting tech. We look forward to playing a small part in propelling these young, aspiring touring pros into successful careers.”

This partnership is part of Master Tour's ongoing efforts to empower music business students and graduates, with plans to launch a Master Tour certification program in 2024.

About Master Tour

Master Tour has been crafted into the world’s leading platform for tour management. Powering a robust network effect of 65,000+ monthly active users, Master Tour enables seamless collaboration and communication throughout the entire lifecycle of a tour. Collectively, users have deployed Master Tour across 35 countries, managed more than 235,000 user records, facilitated 2,000,000 live events, and overseen 110,000 professional tours. The platform includes tour personnel, travel itineraries, venue details, day sheets, guest lists, setlists, accounting, tasks, and more. Master Tour allows for online collaboration, offline access, backup and security features, and reports.

About the Berklee Popular Music Institute

The Berklee Popular Music Institute (BPMI) offers a minor in the business of live music, plus a unique three-semester experiential education program, BPMI Live, that takes students from the classroom to the festival stage. Participants in BPMI Live interface with all facets of the music industry, working in A&R, artist development, booking, promotion, social media, sponsorship, and live shows.