| 22 Jun 2024
Indian Music Industry opposes Meta's Interoperability proposal in Metaverse, citing copyright and royalty concerns

MUMBAI: The Indian Music Industry (IMI) is opposing Meta's proposal for platform interoperability in the metaverse.

IMI, representing music recording entities, argues that this move could deprive artists of their rightful royalties. They express concerns that content licensed on one platform could be accessed on others without proper streaming rights, potentially leading to piracy issues. In a submission to the telecom regulator, IMI highlighted the risks of interoperability, emphasizing potential copyright infringement and complications in licensing agreements.

They caution that differing enforcement measures across platforms could create loopholes for piracy and disputes over artist compensation. IMI's stance contrasts with Meta's vision of a collaborative and interoperable metaverse, citing concerns about inconsistent copyright enforcement and revenue-sharing models.

They stress the need for standardized practices to address online piracy and ensure fair compensation for music rights holders amidst the evolving landscape of digital platforms.