| 20 Jul 2024
Google to introduce AI-Powered "Ask for Music" feature in YouTube Music App

MUMBAI: Google is reportedly introducing a new AI feature to YouTube Music. While the app has so far been largely AI-free, aside from the AI-generated playlist covers, this is set to change. In the latest YouTube Music app for Android (Version 7.06.53), there are references to a new feature called “Ask for Music.”

Although this might not be the final name, the code provides some insights into its functionality. The relevant code snippets are found in a file named conversational_text_input.xml, indicating that this new feature could replace the current voice search function accessed via the mic icon.

Currently, YouTube Music allows voice search for music, but the mention of experimental AI-generated responses suggests a more conversational search option might be introduced. This would enable users to search for music using natural language, such as describing music videos or asking for songs similar to a specific artist or song. This development aligns with Google’s broader strategy of integrating AI and natural language processing into its products and services. However, these are speculations, and the actual implementation of the feature in YouTube Music remains to be seen.

Additionally, a new app launch animation for YouTube Music, similar to that of the YouTube app, is also in the works. This animation looks quite impressive. The timeline for these updates to be available to the general public is unclear, but they could be rolled out in the coming weeks or months.