| 23 Feb 2024
Rdio, Spotify, Google Play Music All Access and Guvera to enter Indian market

MUMBAI: By the end of 2015, music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music All Access, are most likely to expand their reach to India. However, San Francisco based Rdio will be available in India much sooner, by July 2014. Another streaming service based in Australia – Guvera, has not decided on a time-frame to enter this subcontinent, but is eyeing the Indian market for expansion.

“In the coming years, many streaming sites will come to India. We are an emerging market", said South Asia Universal Music and EMI Music MD Devraj Sanyal.

He added,"All the international players, Spotify and Google Play Music All Access are on their way. Rdio is very close to launching. By the end of 2015, almost everyone will be here. The party is going to get more fun now."

Sources have confirmed Guvera's plan to enter India soon.

Services that have signed a global deal with music label companies like Universal Music, EMI, Sony Music and Warner Chappell Music, will find entering the market with their catalogue quick and easy. However, services will have to strike a deal with T-Series, Saregama, Times Music and other India label companies if they want to cater to all kinds of Indian audiences.

In March, this year Rdio had acquired the music streaming site Dhingana, a move that would help them enter the India market and cater to India audiences around the globe. Dhingana's team in India joined Rdio and is helping them with their expansion plans in India and several other emerging markets as well.

Speaking about the challenges in India market, Sanyal said,"In India, any deal making is a challenge as people here (in India) are very difficult. It is convoluted business and regulation wise it is extremely difficult to enter in the market. But I have great hope in the future and great faith in the next five years."