| 15 Apr 2024
Spotify to introduce new lyrics update for its desktop app

MUMBAI: Spotify will soon be making karaoke an easier affair with its latest introduction. After rolling out several updates for its mobile app, the music streaming service has turned its attention to its desktop version, by introducing a 'lyrics' button to users. The feature will be powered by Musixmatch, an extensive lyric catalogue, which will show lyrics in real time with tracks, and will also enable browsing lyrics of other songs.

The lyrics button will be placed at the bottom of the Spotify window, next to the Play bar. Spotify is expected to introduce the new feature “over the coming weeks”. Previously, Musixmatch was available as a Spotify app, however, now it is fully integrated with the music streaming service’s desktop app.

Spotify released a short video clip, giving users a look at how the new feature functions. The video includes UK garage rock duo- Bite the Buffalo’s track called ‘Polka Dots’ playing in the background, while the song’s lyrics appear on the screen in real time, much like that of a karaoke machine.

In addition to the lyrics feature, the new update to the desktop app includes a brand new Friend Feed, which makes it easy for users to discover songs, artists and playlists that their friends are listening to. The feed will be used to draw up daily viral charts that will display tracks that are most played by friends.