| 21 Feb 2024
Apple Music is now available to stream on your web browser

MUMBAI: Apple Music for the web quietly launched in beta in September but seems to have slid under the radar for most folks who didn’t know the service existed.

Apple Music for the web requires a subscription, at $9.99 per month, and is similar to Spotify’s web service. It lets you stream more than 60 million songs and access playlists, albums, artists and favorites you may have saved on your iPhone.

The web version is convenient for subscribers who normally use the Apple Music app on an iPhone or iPad but have not used the service on a Windows computer where they’d have to download and install Apple’s famously sluggish iTunes software. It’s not as relevant for Mac users, as Apple replaced iTunes with a much better app just for Music (as well as separate apps for Podcasts and TV) in the newest version of macOS.

The web version has the same clean and easy-to-use interface as Apple Music on Mac, iPhone and iPad. There’s a list of your playlists and different sections of Apple Music such as For You, which has recommended tunes, Browse and Radio on the left panel. And you can easily search for and stream new music. It’s simple.