| 19 Apr 2024
ole adds over-the-top video licensing to its services for Amberwood Entertainment

MUMBAI: ole, the world’s fastest-growing independent rights management company, has expanded its relationship with long-term rights management client Amberwood Entertainment to include direct licensing of over-the-top (OTT) video, such as Netflix and Hulu. Under the agreement, ole will have the exclusive right to license and exploit the titles in territories under Amberwood’s control, which include major children’s brands such as RollBots, The Snow Queen, Zeroman, Hoze Houndz, and Katie & Orbie.

"ole is very pleased to extend our longstanding services agreement with Amberwood to include over-the-top A/V licensing," said Robert Ott, Chairman and CEO of ole. "Our companies are aligned on providing quality content and embracing leading-edge content strategies such as the rapidly emerging OTT space."

"Children’s programming is one of the most popular options on OTT services, and we know that in working with ole we will get the maximum value for our programs," said Jonathan Wiseman, Senior Vice President at Amberwood Entertainment. "We see big things in store for all of our properties and are excited to bring them to fruition with ole."

Established in 1997, Amberwood has found success as a worldwide creator, developer, financier, producer, and distributor of TV content throughout the world. They have been an ole client since early 2006, and ole purchased the music rights to Amberwood’s The Secret World of Benjamin Bear as well as for the 3D animated action-comedy RollBots in 2007.