| 19 May 2024
Universal Music Publishing Group appoints former BMI SVP Richard Conlon as performing rights advisor

MUMBAI: Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) announced it has entered a deal with Broadcast Music, Inc former Senior Vice President - Corporate Strategy, Communications & New Media, Richard Conlon, who will act as Special Advisor on Performing Rights.

Conlon will report to UMPG EVP Operations and CFO- Michael J. Sammis and SVP/Head of Business & Legal Affairs and Business Development- David Kokakis. Conlon’s role will include advising the company on various matters like protecting, advocating and maximising the value of UMPG and its songwriters’ performing rights.

Addressing Conlon’s appointment, Sammis said, “It is, indeed, an interesting time in the evolution of the performing rights business and Richard’s expertise in developing systems and strategy will be extremely valuable towards maximising the value of performing rights for UMPG and its songwriters.” 

Conlon is an accomplished music industry executive, who has in the past, overlooked BMI’s direct global communications efforts and digital new media licensing divisions. He has worked with performing rights organisations for more than two decades, during which he launched digital business and corporate strategy units that licensed rights to over 8.5 million musical works and generated millions of dollars in revenue.   

He has also overlooked negotiations with leading digital properties like Pandora, Spotify, iRadio, Youtube, AOL,, Yahoo and MSN.