| 22 Feb 2024
SOUND.COM's GearHouse Live to launch video of bands in regular interval

MUMBAI: Sound rental service SOUND.COM has an intellectual property under it called GearHouse, which is trying to support the growing Indie eco-system in India. 'GearHouse Live', is an extension of the IP and is about shooting artistes while they are performing onstage. This time, they have released a second video featuring Ankur & the Ghalat Family who will be playing the song 'Yakeen'.

The video featuring Ankur Tewari (vocals), Vivaan Kapoor (drums), Johan Pais (bass) and Sidd Coutto (guitar), was shot at Harman Live Arena, PALM Expo 2014; just like the first video.

The property, which the company has been working on since April this year, will feature a band every fortnight or every ten days.

SOUND.COM managing director and GearHouse conceptualiser Warren D'souza said, "After doing numerous shows, concerts and productions, it was time to produce our own shows since the resources, equipment, networks, and expertise to do so were readily available. And now that we have done so many episodes, we can vouch that the production is unparalleled, providing artistes just the quality that they need."

D'souza added, "It will cater to all genres, except classical for which we have other platforms."

Tewari said, "It is a brilliant resource for the independent music scene in India. The support that the team extends to the artistes is appreciable; the delivery is unhindered. GearHouse raises the bar for technical production in the country today."

'GearHouse Live' was first launched on July 25 with a video by the 'Darshan Doshi Trio' who played the track 'Bizarre Bazaar'. The band comprising Darshan Doshi (drums), Jarvis Menezes (keyboards) and Rushad Mistry (bass) were seen performing on a seven minute track that had garnered over 1,500 views in less than 48 hours.