| 16 Apr 2024
Rhythm House to revamp their website soon

MUMBAI: One of the oldest music retail shop of Mumbai, Rhythm House plans to revamp their website within next six to eight months. It plans to add few features that would help attract youngsters to their website.

Talking about the revamp, Rhythm House MD Mehmood Curmally said, "We wish to make the site more and more interactive and add a few more products to our site. This will obviously target the youngsters as they always are in search of a something new."

He further added, "With a lot of gadgets being launched almost every month, youngsters are looking at buying more and more accessories like bluetooth speakers, headsets, earphones and so on. We have witnessed sales of these products in our outlet so we are looking at adding this feature on our new website." They also intend to add other lifestyle products on their new website.

Rhythm House recently tied up with an offline app company Biscoot as their retailer. Speaking about the tie-up, Curmally said, "The offline app selling company Biscoot came to us and they asked us if we could be their retailer, so we decided to give it a try."

When asked if the business has picked up after the tie up, he said, "The partnership has happened very recently and it is too early to say anything. But the business has picked up marginally."

Rhythm house has no plans to get into digital space as of now. He admitted that the online sales are affecting his business to a great extent since today the customers just do not want to go to the shops. They want everything at their doorstep and also the vendors online offer them discounts and schemes which is not possible into any physical format or stores.