| 04 Oct 2023
All about Channel V's new logo and shows

MUMBAI: Star TV's offspring Channel V has revamped its programming from fiction content to a complete music brand, as promised.

The channel has already started dropping hints of the new 'Channel V' with the all new revamped logo it shared on Facebook.

Although, Channel V had promised to launch on 1 July 2016, it shifted the launch dates to 15 July. That too did not happen. Finally, the channel heads have decided to announce the final dates of launch during a press conference scheduled for end of this week.

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As per the social media information that the channel shared on their official page, the revamped music channel will have a line up of nine new shows. These include ‘Hit Machine’, ‘Late Night’, ‘Most W@anted’, ‘V Shuffle’, ‘Dance with V’, ‘V Hangover’, ‘V-non-stop’, ‘V international’, and ‘V rush’.

Channel V moved to score fictional content four years ago and became the only music channel to feature fictional and musical content simultaneously. Recently in March, the channel launched seven new shows. The seven shows over Monday to Sunday were 'Campus Top 10', 'Deadly Dus', '[V] R Family', 'School of Cool', 'Lovenet', 'Truth Love Cash' and 'Bollywood Nonsensex'. Of these,'Lovenet' and 'Truth Love Cash' were reality shows. The others are in the genre of Bollywood, relationships, campuses updates, fashion and so on.-