| 20 Jul 2024
9X Jalwa to launch 'Weekly-pedia'

MUMBAI: We are always curious to know more. This need to know over and above what is in front of us has given birth to the concept of trivia shows. Banking on this thought,9X Jalwa has launched its new offering ‘Weekly-pedia’.

This show is designed for one to to consume some beautiful insights on Bollywood. This short format show explores the secret behind that 'week' in Bollywood and major happenings across the world.

The first episode of ‘Weekly- pedia’ will give exciting insights about Aamir Khan’s historic movie ‘Mangal Pandey: The Rising’. This episode will emphasise on the trivia around the movie and also highlight the major events be it the launch of HMT watches or IBM desktops and the actors who celebrate their birthdays in the week.

Commenting on ‘Weekly- Pedia’, 9X Jalwa Programming Head Imtiaz Baghdadi said, “Life is full of stories and so are Bollywood films. Weekly-Pedia captures this exciting journey of Bollywood where you time travel through the favorite week in Bollywood’s past. The show also highlights the historic moments that get created elsewhere in the same week but at a different point in time. Join us on this exciting journey to know the history and the mystery of the week.”

This is not it, 9X Jalwa will promote their upcoming show through a Dubsmash contest to connect and engage with the viewers. To participate in this challenge, viewers will have to post their videos on the 9X Jalwa page on Winners of the challenge will be rewarded with cash prizes at the end of the contest. 'Weekly-pedia' will also be promoted across social media and digital platforms through contests and promos.

‘Weekly-pedia’ starts from 12 August 2016 and it will be aired three to four times a day.