| 23 Feb 2024
Number one Bengali music channel turns 13

MUMBAI:  Sangeet Bangla is all set to complete 13 years as the number one Bengali music channel in India since its joint launch in 2005 by by Media Worldwide and SVF in 2005. The popular music destination will be turning will 14 on the auspicious occasion of Bengali New Year i.e. Poila Baisakh.

Sangeet Bangla serves as a suitable platform for the film and music industry of Bengal, acting as a perfect media partner to reach the target viewership. It is not just about entertainment, it is an endeavour to showcase the resplendent Bengali culture through its music and movies, which is unique and typically a characteristic of the land.

The channel has maintained its top position because of their riveting audience-capturing and retaining programmes. Good packaging, high production standards and quality content have positioned the channel as the most preferred choice of the Bengali music loving audience. From break-free compilations to karaoke and retro to romantic, Sangeet Bangla offers a variety of shows showcasing different genre of music and moods serving an audience of all age groups.

Here are a few notable ones:

SB Morning Hits - A break free morning show playing a gamut of Bengali film hits that will help the viewers to start their mornings with a dose of great music.

Howrah Bridge - The spirit of Kolkata brought to life in this pulsating programme interspersed with songs dedicated by the viewers. This program airs all their special requests and dedications plus messages. Every week there's a star integration with this show, wherein a celebrity features and interacts with the viewers through their email or SMS song requests. The celebrity responds to their queries and even shares personal anecdotes.

Tumi Je Amar - A one-hour musical, this show features the most popular romantic hits.

SB Superhits - Bengali super hit songs of Sangeet Bangla, played back to back in this show.

Nonstop Hits - A half an hour song compilation in which popular Bengali film numbers that has hit the score are played back to back, in this break free show.

SB Public Demand - A one-hour compilation of the best of Sangeet Bangla hits from the yesteryears. This show is dedicated to nostalgia and music, songs which still have a strong recall value, those which are evergreen, popular and always on demand.

SB Hit Machine - SB Hit Machine airs a compilation of the best of SB Superhits.

SB Tunes - A half an hour compilation of the recent Bengali film hits which displays the caller tunes’ codes. Hence, one can also download songs and set them as caller tunes.

Fresh Hits - An hour of fresh Bengali music airs current hits from non-film and film categories.

Karaoke Film Hits - A half an hour show airing songs with lyrics. One can sing along while watching their favorite Bengali hits and enjoy karaoke in their home itself!

SB All Time Hits - Features a mixed bag of Bengali film music, all-time Bengali super hit songs from recent times and past.

Top 10 - A weekly musical countdown show featuring the Top 10 Bengali film music every week.

Tollywood Film Industry prefers Sangeet Bangla  to promote their upcoming films because of the unwavering status it has held since its inception. One of its highlights is that it aims to keep the audience informed about the latest happenings of Tollywood. It’s social following is immense with 5.6 million followers on Facebook with a reach of 6.3 million, 381K followers/713K impressions on Twitter, 4.8 lakh subscribers on YouTube with approximately 80 million views (total) and 135K followers on Instagram and counting.