| 02 Dec 2023
Bade-Chote to host unique animated show '9XM Newsic'

MUMBAI: The iconic animated characters Bade-Chote, of 9XM, are hosting a unique show titled 9XM Newsic. This daily animation show will showcase a unique combination of news and music. They have entertained viewers through their ever-popular Bakwaas shows with Bollywood stars. And now, the duo will be taking over the news space, too, with the new show, 9XM Newsic.

Well, 9XM Newsic will not be the regular, boring, ‘nation wants to know’ kind of news, but will feature the latest trending videos, packaged in a witty combination of news and music.

Speaking of the new show, 9XM and 9XO Vice President Programming Clyde D’Souza said, “Bade-Chote are extremely popular among the youth for their Bakwaas show. We thought of creating a show around trending news for our younger audience, which would be presented in true 9XM style, with a good dose of humour. 9XM Newsic features the latest WhatsApp virals and memes that are viral across social media, be it the Kiki challenge or the monsoon woes of Mumbaikars. The show will definitely resonate with our viewers and the Bade-Chote fans.”

Besides, tech news and Instagram news, interesting the youth, will also be a part of 9XM Newsic.

Meanwhile, 9XM Newsic will be promoted across the social media and digital platforms on 9XM. Catch the latest trending news, clubbed with the most popular Bollywood music, daily, only on 9XM Newsic.