| 20 Jul 2024
Former Vh1 manager and award-winning film-maker venture into video content space

MUMBAI: During his tenure with Vh1 India as assistant manager of marketing, Kunal Punjabi learnt the intricacies of brand and event association. A year into his time at the international music channel, Punjabi met award-winning filmmaker Reema Sengupta, who shared his vision of contributing to the Indian music scene through video content. It led to the beginning of CATNIP, a start-up that specialises in creating stylised video content with special focus on aftermovies and music videos.

"There is a lot of potential as there is scope for so much content through live events. The kind of music events, exhibitions and gigs that take place have so much diversity, but very few people are capturing it in full-artistic form, styling and presenting it", Punjabi said to

Speaking about his partner, Sengupta, an international award winning film maker, he said, "She is young but has several awards for her two short films that have been screened all over the world, including the European Independent Film Festival. I come from the background of music and live events, and she comes from the background of films. We have come together to collaborate and create good video content for event promoters, organisers, artiste managers and labels."

Punjabi revealed that they will be specialising in after movies and music videos. "After-movies are for organisers and promoters, and music videos are for all artistes. We have already finished three after- movies and are working on multiple projects at the moment. We have also made the Dada Life Dadaland India Tour aftermovie," he added. He also stated that CATNIP is working on a couple of music videos, one of which is for DJ-producer Nanok's 'Fever' and has already been released.

With a view to creating artistic content for consumers and organisers, CATNIP also aims at showcasing India as a budding market for international music. "We have started with after movies and music videos as of now, and have a good network of clientele in the space. This is our core focus at this point of time. But in the near future we will diversify our content as well. We are looking at PSA’s, short-films, feature-length films and culture based programs," he added.

The duo is considering socially relevant topics and is looking at international content as well. For now, however, CATNIP is partnering on projects that it finds interesting, and is looking at brands to help produce content.