| 22 Feb 2024
If we do well on the channel the social media will take care of itself: Vikas Varma

Bengali music channel Fatafati has made it to the top merely within a couple of months of its inception, which is definitely not an easy task. spoke to director, Vikas Varma about their programming, USP and their new property which will be launched during Durga Puja.


What has contributed to your success?

This is the third music channel that I have launched. We are actually a bit late for being the leading channel. My normal standard is making a channel number one in four weeks. Like, previously when I worked with 9XM, it became number one within a few weeks. So this is a little late for me, but it just shows that the market is tough out there. According to me it is the cool and sophisticated look of the channel that has actually worked for us. The fact that we have three animated characters like Jagai, Madhai and Pappi Da whose hilarious antics and witty spoofs have the audiences in splits, notes a communiqué. They mix along with the songs very well. We are the biggest fans of Bangla music, also has contributed to our growth.

Was this the learning from 9XM (about the animated characters- CHoote and Bade, Bheegi Billi) that you implied it here as well?

I created 9XM’s CHoote and Bade so yes, you can say so. But here I have taken my lessons to another level. We have also added a lot to the learning that I have got from 9XM, but personally I am very happy.

Tell us more about your marketing team?

To being with, we are a very small team. There are just 11 of us, who currently work for the channel, from social media to animation to the final programming. I think the most important thing in any individual is passion. Once a person has passion, 90 per cent of your job is done.

Tell us more about the programming of your channel?

Basically 30 per cent of our programming comprises original content that includes our animation, jokes and the songs that we play. Apart from that we have the latest Bengali music film chartbusters. We have also launched a show called ‘Dance Party Dhinchaak’, which is remixing the old numbers and the group of people dancing to it. So that is yet another hit show on our channel.

Are you planning to work towards independent music?

Yes, we have a few plans in the pipeline since there is a huge audience for Bengali rock music. But at the same time we shall make sure that no sub standard music goes on our channel.

You have been extremely active on Facebook, but not Twitter. Any specific reason?

Yes, we as a channel believe in two way communication and we think Facebook is the best medium to hear the feedback from our audiences. Twitter we shall start very soon. One thing we have made very clear is that first we are a television channel and if we do well over there, then social media can take care of itself.

Tell us about your business strategies?

The way I look at it is, as long as I enjoy the music on my channel, the audience will also like it. The ultimate aim is to keep it alive all the time. May be experiment with the colours; try new look and consistently do something new. I make it a point to see my channel for at least five to six hours a day.

Any other shows that you are planning to add?

Yes. We are planning to add a music oriented show, which will be launched during Durga Puja, wherein we shall create our own music and put it up on the channel. Now the artistes can be related to film music too and it is going to be bangle fusion music and we shall make videos.