| 30 May 2024
Sibasis Satapathy: Oriya music industry faces stiff competition from Bollywood

MUMBAI: Odisha Television network is one of the biggest television networks in the state of Odisha. The network has four channels which include Tarang Music, OTV, Tarang and Prarthana. Tarang Music is touted as the unofficially official channel of the Oriya Film Industry. The channel was launched in the year 2009.

Talking about the challenges faced by the Oriya music industry, Tarang Music marketing head Sibasis Satapathy, said, "Oriya music industry faces a stiff competition from Bollywood as it is watched widely. There was an era when Odisha industry was mushrooming, but now it has become miniscule, since independent music is not made."

He added, "Now, music industry is only limited to movies and a few independent music videos here and there. This is when Tarang Music was launched. Oriya music industry does not offer good quality of music."

The channel broadcasts programmes like Style Arrest, Just for you, C.I.D (Comedy in demand), Light Camera Action, Bhuli Huena (Retro Songs), Superhits and many more.

In addition, the channel is coming up with Odisha Music Concert on 22 September 2014 for the fourth year, in which they pay a tribute to the legends in the Oriya music industry. "We have about 25-30 artistes who will be performing their own songs and we are very excited for this concert," said Satapathy.

The channel witnesses a hike of 10-12 per cent every year in terms of revenues. "Our revenue varies as it majorly depends on the number of movies that are made every year, since music is only limited to movies", stated Satapathy.

Odisha Television, as a network, will also be producing four movies for the year 2015 as Satapathy feels that the Oriya movies lack originality.

"We are venturing into production of movies as most of the movies over here copy the South Indian films. We do not want the Odisha movie industry to suffer because of this. Also, with four movies, we can add 25-30 new songs, which will be promoted in a very big way. So overall, it will be beneficial for the industry," highlighted Satapathy.

The channel has also aired a reality show, which is a campaign in search of the actress of the movie. "This promotion will spread awareness about us entering into movie productions. This will be supported by the ATL and BTL activities across the state," he revealed.

Tarang Music is in the process of promoting other movies by playing their songs, and the interviews of the star cast are aired as well. The channel is also planning to introduce a few new programmes.