| 29 Nov 2023
Introducing Radio Connex - 'one of a kind' platform for Indian radio industry

MUMBAI: ‘Radio’ the inventory that started in 1920’s, went through a big turnover with its evolution over the years and has witnessed growth since then. To celebrate accomplishments of Indian radio stations, Indiantelevision dot com group’s Radioandmusic is delighted to announce Radio Connex, incorporating ‘Sound Of India’ contest.

Radio Connex is a podium that aims to award the outstanding achievers from the world of radio in seven different categories.

Winners of this contest would get a chance to represent themselves at International Radio Festival (IRF) happening at Malta, from 29 October -4 November.

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Radio has been a mode of information sharing and a way of communication to the masses. We being in the 21 century, we’ve seen the rise of technology. But radio being one of the oldest mediums it has stayed true to its roots, it still remains a prestigious medium.

With the immense work it has done over years there are very few platforms where radio has been celebrated for it’s work and excellence on a wider scale, Radio Connex promises to provide complete justice to it.

In terms of why Radio Connex would be so special, we have brought you details to glance through:

Celebration of the Indian Radio industry- Efforts and hard work of radio stations will acknowledged through this event.

A platform for information/contact sharing- With the entire radio industry, coming under one roof, one would surely get abundant information, especially from the well known faces. Radio Connex would also prove as one of the best places in terms of contact sharing.

Exchange of creative ideas - This would be an ideal place for people to understand ideologies of radio people, their opinions and get creative inputs on the same.

An eye opener- On attending Radio Connex, you might actually happen to get out of your bubble and get a distinct idea on how you can make further developments for yourself.

Entertainment at its best- Last but not the least, the event would comprise of musical concerts and a lot more.

Radio Connex venue would be announced soon. Meanwhile you can have a look at the following deadlines you have to keep in mind.

Last date for submission of all entries: 14 September’18

Jury meeting for trade categories - 20 September’18

Announcement of shortlisted RJ (IRF Sound Of India), Entries for public voting- 25 September’18

Closing public voting- 5 October’18

Event date- 10 October’18 at Radio Connex

For more details on rules, regulations/categories check here: