| 13 Jul 2024
Modi lauds AIR for translating Mann ki Baat, special programmes on public grievances

NEW DELHI: Prime minister Narendra Modi has said "Mann Ki Baat broadcast by All India Radio has become a new opportunity of social transformation rather than just remaining a mere talk show of 15 to 20 minutes."

In his Mann ki Baat broadcast yesterday, he also expressed gratitude to AIR “which not only broadcast my views but also put in their best efforts to transmit it in all languages".

"What can be more satisfying than this for anyone? And therefore, I thank everyone and express my gratitude to all who contributed in making it a successful programme”, he said in his broadcast which marked two years of the monthly broadcast.

"I wish to express my sincere gratitude from the core of my heart to all you listeners who appreciated it, who contributed to improving it and thus blessed me. I am also thankful to those countrymen who knocked on the doors of the government by writing letters and by sending in suggestions and highlighting shortcomings of the government."

He said AIR mounted special programmes on these letters by inviting government functionaries concerned and thus provided a platform to address the problems.