| 30 May 2024
No overlapping of frequencies of radio channels broadcast from border areas

NEW DELHI: While noting that ‘radio waves do not have borders’, the Government has said there is little chance of overlapping frequencies of Indian channels as these programmes are being broadcast from centres at different frequencies, regulated by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Government sources said that programmes are also being broadcast from both sides of the border under External Services and are received in India.

Strengthening of the coverage of All India Radio (AIR) in bordering states is an ongoing process. Proposals for setting up of new Transmitters and upgrading of existing transmitters in the border areas are considered and approved by the Government as required from time to time.

Apart from coverage through a terrestrial network, Multi channel AIR coverage through Doordarshan’s free-to-air DTH service ‘DD Free Dish’ has also been provided in the entire country, including border areas. It is possible to receive DTH signals anywhere in the country, with the help of small sized dish antenna receive units. The Free Dish also carries all AIR channels.

Around eighty FM transmitters are being put up by All India Radio in Jammu and Kashmir and different states of north east India.

In addition, 11 cities in border areas are being covered by private FM in the first batch of the Phase III auctions, and the Government has kept a fixed reserve price of Rs. 5 lakh per channel to encourage this growth policy.