| 24 Apr 2024
Community Radio Station Radio Madhuban starts two new shows

MUMBAI: Mount Abu based Community Radio Station (CRS)-Radio Madhuban has come up with a host of new shows for its station including ‘Apka Swasth Apke Haath’, ‘Vande Matram’ and ‘Youth Junction’. All the shows on the station have started after the team conducted thorough research on the various topics. As part of its on-ground activity, Radio Madhuban recently aired the show ‘Gali Gali Sim Sim’ in Abu to bring awareness about diarrhea.

“All our on ground activities are being promoted on-air. This not only gives us an opportunity for us to promote our activity on-ground, but also on-air and our campaign reaches out to so many people in one go,” said Radio Madhuban, production head, Krishnaben. The CRS had recently conducted initiatives like Project Shiksha, wherein they provided basic necessities like books, pens, pencil, notebooks etc. to school children. Other initiatives include ‘Shiksha Ka Adhikar’, ‘Nashe Ki Lat Maut Ka Khat’ and many more.

The CRS also started a couple of new shows ‘Goodnight with Dadima’ and ‘Kanoon Ki Baat’. “The show ‘Goodnight with Dadima’ is aired from Monday to Saturday between 10 to 10:30 pm, and plays lullabies for children. “‘Kannon Ki Baat’ is aired once in a week on Sunday, and talks about bringing awareness among people about different laws,” she said. The CRS recently also has started with another show called 'Humare Sarkar Humara Adhikar which is about bringing awareness of the laws of the tribal people in the region of Abu.

Krishnaben revealed that the most popular programs on the CRS are ‘Apka Swathya Aap Ke Haath’, ‘Youth Junction’ and ’Vande Mataram’. ‘Apka Swathya Aap Ke Haath’ is a phone-in program where a doctor addresses issues of the people, while ‘Youth Junction’ talks about how the youth can contribute to change in the society; and ‘Vande Mataram’ talks about how women have shouldered responsibility with men for the progress of society.

Radio Madhuban is part of Brahma Kumari’s institution and covers the area of 20 kms, with broadcast that happens 24x7. The radio station has 14 RJs, and a few of other freelancers.