| 26 Jun 2024
Radio Brahmaputra starts three new programmes

MUMBAI: Dibrugarh based Community Radio Station (CRS) Radio Brahmaputra, in the last six months, has conceptulised and aired a number of new programmes including ‘Prakhangic’, ‘Daily Marg Gol’ and ‘Yuvasakthi’. The broadcast happens in Assamese, Bodo, Mishing, Bhojpuri and Chadri, a tea tribe dialect. The CRS has also increased its number of broadcasting hours from six to eight because of requests from its listeners.

“We are always adding new programmes on our radio station, which are based on the feedback of our listeners. This year we have added three new programmes on Radio Brahmaputra, and are in the process of adding a few more,” said Radio Brahmaputra, station coordinator, Bhaskar Bhuyan.

The show ‘Prakhangic’, which started in July this year, focuses on rural development of the state. It includes the analysis of Government schemes, and how they can benefit people of the state. ‘Daily Marg Gol’ is show that is aired from 6:30 pm to 7 pm, offering daily updates on the latest happenings in the city. It also includes weather updates, news the new technology in agriculture. “We make sure that we do not broadcast any negative news about accidents or anything disturbing,” added Bhuyan, who explained the third show ‘Yuvasanthi’ is about how youth can contribute towards the growth of the nation.

Bhuyan also revealed that the biggest challenge for the community radio station is that it is non commercial, and only plays folk music, which is why it does not get advertisements. “Most of the people here are inclined towards Bollywood, but we include more folk music in our programming. This is why we do not get enough advertisements, which makes finance a big problem that we are currently facing,” he explained.

Despite the difficulties, Bhuyan added that the radio station is planning to soon add a research based programme to its offering as well.