| 28 Nov 2023
I&B: No formal complaints about misuse of community radio stations

New Delhi: The Government has admitted in Parliament that the Information and Broadcasting ministry (I&B) had received notice of a few instances of violation of All India Radio Code by community radio stations (CRS) which are being examined.

However, I&B minister Arun Jaitley denied that any formal complaints have been received by the Ministry about misuse of Community Radio Stations. He said in case of any violation of conditions, the government may suo moto or on basis of complaints take cognisance and after giving an opportunity of hearing, decide upon imposition of penalties.

These can be: 
a) Temporary suspension of permission for operating the CRS for a period up to one month in the case of the first violation.

b)Temporary suspension of permission for operating the CRS for a period up to three months in the case of the second violation. Depending on the gravity of violation. 

c) Revocation of the permission for any subsequent violation. Besides, the permission holder and its principal members shall be liable for all actions under IPC, CrPC and other laws. 

d) In case of revocation of permission, the permission holder will not be eligible to apply directly or indirectly for a fresh permission in future for a period of five years. 

In the event of a Permission Holder using or letting its facilities being used for transmitting any unauthorized content, messages or communication or failing to comply with the directions of the Government, the permission granted will be revoked and the Permission holder will be disqualified to hold any such permission in future for a period of five years, apart from liability for punishment under other applicable laws.