| 04 Mar 2024
FTII's community radio eases broadcast formalities

MUMBAI: What about communicating your ideas on air but without the cumbersome formalities of an official media broadcast?

If you have something to communicate that has a social relevance and artistic value, the �Community Radio' station that has been beaming from the campus of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in Pune makes the job easier for you by avoiding all the unnecessary regulations.

"Individual groups, schools, NGOs, budding and creative artistes are invited to present their views and skills on FTII Community Radio where formalities like an audition test are not required," said FTTI radio station head Sanjay Chandekar to the PTI.

What started as social interactive sessions of the institute's students has spread its wings with the FTII radio network launching daily radio capsules on a variety of topics from June this year, inviting participation from different segments of the city population which has touched the five-million mark.