| 01 Oct 2023
Govt. drops plan to monitor content of selected CRS on a daily basis

NEW DELHI: The Government is understood to have changed its mind about getting a daily recording from some community radio stations (CRS) to monitor their content.

It is understood that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B Ministry) had planned to call for the daily recordings of a few selected community radio stations, but ultimately changed its view.

All CRS, have in any case, been asked to keep recordings of every three months of programming, and the government is free to examine any of these recordings.

However, it had been decided that the Electronic Media Monitoring Cell which monitors all TV channels had been asked to keep a tab on selected CRS. This year’s budget provides Rs 10 crore allocation for monitoring of radio content.

It is understood that the government at random may call for recordings of any CRS to monitor its content.

Late last month, selected CRS had even been asked to send in by mail the recordings of programmes in MP3 format anytime between eight to twenty hours every day.