| 01 Oct 2023
National Radio Day Special: RJs share heart-warming messages

MUMBAI: ‘Radio’ the traditional medium have had always got our heart. It’s immense contribution to the world won’t be erased. We truly can’t forget our legendary RJs who have driven the medium to its peak. It is, therefore, known as one of the trusted and entertaining mediums. Today on the occasion of National Radio Day, various RJs have spoken their heart out on what radio means to them!

RJ Nitin (BIG FM)

I wish everyone a very Happy National Radio Day. It has been my love and will always be it. The reason I am connected to this medium is that it gives me an opportunity to connect every day and my show has always been a podium to come and air problems, to talk about issues that really concern them and going forward, this is  how my show going to be.  

RJ Balaji (BIG FM)

I thank you for rejecting content that is outdated, and for saying a ‘no’ to the content that is old. Most of the radio stations recycle content that is old like same SMS content, cookery show, retro stuff etc., I thank you for eradicating all these cliché things. I also thank you for coming up with new ideas and it makes people like me very happy as so thank you for that I also have a message for the radio industry on this National Radio Day, to produce content and to come up with new content. This is a new change to give something new to the audience and also pay a tribute to the radio industry. On this National Radio Day, companies should change their policy of paying jocks.

RJ Vrajesh (BIG FM)

On this National Radio Day, despite the incredible amount of pressure radio faces, radio listeners have their own world and there are many things that make people listen to radio. ‘Radio is a friend.’

RJ Jassi (BIG FM)

Radio is a very beautiful; powerful medium. People say that the current scenario has been changed, but I feel that radio, too, is changing and evolving. The medium has somehow been one of the most credible sources of information. So, today, on the occasion of National Radio Day, all I would say is ‘let’s begin to use radio more beautifully and for more meaningful campaigns. Let’s not just limit radio as a source of entertainment or laughter, it is much more than that.

RJ Shruti (BIG FM)

Whenever I have to speak to somebody about radio, the first thing that comes to my mind is about how radio played such an important role in everybody’s life, even during the pre-Independence era. In fact, when India got its Independence in 1947 and Jawaharlal Nehru mentioned that we are a free nation, the country was listening to radio. It made them realize that we are a free nation. I think that feeling to be a part of history is unbelievable. Gone are the days when radio was just a background medium, its become more like a companion and there is a real person sitting behind the mike who cares for you.

RJ Kabeer

‘To fall in love with someone without meeting them', for me, radio did this even before the internet made it cool. And boy, I still fall for it before the right swipes and knowing the ASL.

RJ Nyssha

Radio is the first ever machine invented that could drag you into the remnants of the past, enthrall you with possible futures, give body to your desired and form your present emotions. All of this would happen while you're sitting in your car seat.

RJ Meha

Radio to me has always been personal. It's the memory of the feeling, I felt when I heard an RJ talking or playing a song. It's this personal bond that I hope to build with my listeners. A bond that is built through a closed room with only a mic before me, day after day through the thick and thin of the days in this city, radio is personal.