| 24 Feb 2024
International Radio Festival 2012 announces winners

MUMBAI: Celebrating the sound and talent of radio stations from across the globe, the third edition of the International Radio Festival culminated with the IRF 'On-Air' awards.

Keeping in tune with the festival’s goal, the awards honoured radio makers who push the boundaries in music radio entertainment. All invited music radio guests participating in the IRF were nominated for one of three award categories.

The award for the Best Swiss Radio Show was bagged by 'Sounds' from the local station 'DRS 3', Best International Radio was awarded to 'Radio Sonica’ from Ibiza and Best International Radio Show was won by 'Sunny Side Up’ from FM4 in Vienna.

Fox Music president Robert Kraft was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his immense contribution in the music field and also launching his own online radio show 'Screentracks’. Comprising of feature film soundtracks, his show premiered at the IRF on 15 September.

Speaking with about the awards, IRF founder Darryl von Däniken says, "The IRF ON-AIR Awards underpin the Festival's goal to celebrate the very best in music radio programming, thus all the invited music radio programmes which are part of the Festival showcase are also nominated for one of five On-Air Awards. For us all of our radio showcase guests are winners, with those winning one of the IRF categories acting as the ideal example of those formats who push the boundaries in music radio entertainment."

The fest is yet to announce a special award titled 'IRF Special Commendation for 2012’ which will be revealed by the organisers within the next week.