| 22 Feb 2024
IRF 2013: Faceless Jeeturaaj zaps Zurich and the world

ZURICH: He’s probably the only Radio Jockey (RJ) in the world (make that the only person from the media and industry world) who doesn’t want his visage in the public domain, who doesn’t allow his picture or video to be ever clicked. And that embargo continued in Zurich yesterday.

Television channels, radio stations, media at the IRF lined up to have a dekko and interview the Indian star who didn’t want his face seen by anyone, including his fans.

The Sound of India contest winner Radio Mirchi Mumbai RJ Jeeturaaj enthralled audiences with his personality, his voice and with the selection of the 23 Bollywood songs that he played over a two hour period at a live on air performance at the third edition of the International Radio Festival (IRF 2013) in Zurich-but within closed doors, and the audience was allowed inside only when his two hour show was almost complete and the last number was on air.

Jeeturaaj wore a radio shaped mask and danced to the popular number “Aaya dekho Bappa Moriya” number… The Indian RJ had also begun his show with another Ganpati number from the Bollywood film Agneepath.

Jeeturaaj commemorated his show to the Ganpati festival in India starting September 9. He greeted people in chaste Hindi, in English, Hinglish, Marathi, chaste Urdu, wished an Indian woman who visited the IRF venue on her fiftieth birthday, greeted 'Jhumma Mubarak' (Friday Greetings) to the Muslim community across the world, besides the many nice, thoughtful and funky things that only a Jeeturaaj could do.

The Sounds of India contest to take the best Indian RJ to Zurich was organised by

Here are some reactions of the some of the people who were present at Schloss Sihlberg in Zurich where the Mumbai radio icon performed his show:

“There’s this joke where people have this perfect radio face, particularly when you don’t see them, and Jeeturaaj actually carries it through. We haven’t had that before, so that’s certainly a highlight. He’s attracting a lot of attention which is perfect for us; we are going to have Swiss Television interviewing him today, so the IRF wants more people like that. I think it’s cool that he doesn’t want his face in the public domain,” said IRF co-founder Darryl von Daniken to

“I think it’s quite radical that Jeeturaaj doesn’t show his face in the public domain. It’s a nice romantic thought that even in an environment such as our international radio festival, Jeeturaaj doesn’t want to show his face. They say that radio is the most visual medium that exists. You just listen to radio jockeys, you don’t see them. I think it’s really cool,” said the other IRF co-founder Miguel Alvarez.

“I think Jeeturaaj’s show is the greatest show that we’ve had so far. But then we are not used to anything else (from India). Last year, we had a great Indian show with the RJ you selected. We started the first year of the festival with a great Indian show with RJ Prithvi from Radio One Bengaluru as well. We just love the Indian shows, they are totally different for us, something totally new,” added Alvarez.

“I think its cool and it adds mystery to him. I saw him do some interviews yesterday and he asked some really good questions. I can imagine that there’s a really big buzz about him not wanting his face in public domain,” said Gabby Sanderson, who has been one of the mainstay RJs’ at all the IRFs’, including the current edition -IRF 2013.

“I think Indian music is really uplifting and I remember the Indian show from last year. It was really colourful and this one is uplifting too, it’s what you want to hear in the morning,” added Sanderson.

“I think it is incredible that he speaks 9 languages and it really shows us all who don’t know much about India how diverse it is, how big and great it is. It’s really great to listen to him”, said Radio X, Basel, RJ Nick, the other mainstay jock at the IRF this year.

I like the different colourful variations that Indian music has. When you listen to it, you see pictures and movies,” added Nick.

“I like very much the show from Mumbai and he’s very charismatic,” said M20 Milano’s (in Italy) nightlife legend Leandro Da Silva Aguiar. I think the music is important, even if he’s an impressive character (who doesn't want his picture clicked), so it’s a good thing,” added the Brazilian born Da Silva Aguiar.

“We are not used to this much of interaction in a show,” said Radiotelevisione svizzera's information correspondent Alessio Veronelli. Radiotelevisione svizzera is a Swiss-Italian television channel. “The music choice was very interesting,” added Veronelli.