| 20 Jul 2024
Maxus co-creates innovative III tier radio campaign for Sonata

MUMBAI: Starting the year on a high note, Maxus partnered with Big FM to co-create and conceptualize a powerful radio campaign for Sonata’s newly launched safety watch ACT– App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker, designed exclusively for women. The watch has a button placed at the 8’clock position which when double clicked sends distress alarms to 10 designated guardians. Keeping in line the safety features and uniqueness of the watch, an innovative three-tiered campaign using radio as a medium was executed in 21 cities.

The very first phase included time checks sponsored by Sonata, as time-checks have a synergistic fit with the 8‘o’clock button awareness generation. The second phase comprised of conversations with some of the great Indian women achievers like Sakshi Malik, Saundarya Rajesh, Sujitha Bora, Tashi & Nungshi, Deepa Malik, Sneha Mohandass and many more with RJ Richa Anirudh on a show titled as ‘Manzil Pe Nazar’, bringing alive their stories of courage and achievement. In the third phase, Big FM will be shifting their studios at various on-ground public locations and bringing in 12 hours live programming from 8 pm to 8 am with an all-female crew. This first of its kind activity will take place across five metros - Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai, from 4 January till 7 January 2017.

Elaborating on the campaign, Maxus South Asia, South India, managing partner Sanchayeeta Verma said, “Sonata ACT is a smart watch with a purpose, enabling women to courageously follow their dreams. Safety is a need for every woman and concerns not only her, but her family and colleagues as well. However, we also noticed a low adoption of current safety options and realized that we needed de-mystification of the technology, create a wave of collective participation from women to corporates, and build a habit of mindfulness and usage. To do this we needed a platform with relatable real-life people and generate momentum. Our effectiveness studies have shown high ROI for radio. The medium not only helps participation and engagement, but also offers significant digital platforms and multimedia amplification. We therefore worked at creating this unique and mega-scale initiative with Big FM that we believe will show great results.”

Talking about the initiative Titan Company Ltd. chief marketing officer - watches and accessories Suparna Mitra said, “In India, safety is a huge concern for women and their families. As Indian women are evolving and progressing to take on more challenges, we realized there is a huge market for a safety watch which will help women pursue their dreams. With Sonata ACT, we want to bring alive an element of courage and passion. Uniquely priced between Rs. 2,749/- to Rs. 2,999/-, Sonata ACT cuts across all demographics. It is a break-through product from Sonata and our aim is to reach out to every woman and benefit as many consumers through our communication activities."

Commenting on the partnership, BIG Network CEO Tarun Katial said, “We at 92.7 BIG FM, are thrilled about the initiative that Sonata has implemented on a large scale as part of the brand launching a line of safety watches called ‘ACT-App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker’. There are plenty of inspiring stories about women that deserve to be told, and with Sonata ACT we are promoting their unstoppable spirit.”