| 13 Apr 2024
India gets its first exclusive kids' radio station with WeKids Live

MUMBAI: In spirit with the UNICEF’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting on 6 March 2016, WeKids Media, a four-year-old media and communication startup based in Mumbai, has announced its new initiative,

WeKids Live is set to be an app radio station, accessible on all smartphones with internet connectivity. It will be an exclusive kids’ radio station where they will produce and present radio shows under the guidance of expert radio professionals. An initiative open to affluent and marginalized kids alike, WeKids Live aims to bring children from different socio-economic backgrounds together and foster creativity, in addition, creating conversations around important social issues.

By collaborating with companies' CSR teams and NGOs that work with children, WeKids Live aims to bring about a change through innovative radio programming that cuts across boundaries, brings children to the fore, entertains them and at the same time imparts important lessons to help them grow into confident, sensitive young adults.

WeKids Media has been conducting radio training and communication in schools and colleges; that has been positively received by kids and their parents alike. Owing to these institutions’ interest in starting Radio Centres on their campuses, collaborations are currently on and open with schools, colleges and NGOs to be a part of WeKids Live.

With internal production at their WeKids Studio, WeKids Live will be fully functional within four months, giving the country it's first participatory radio station that is exclusively for kids, by kids.