| 04 Oct 2023
8.2 million watch BBC Tamil news on Thanthi TV

MUMBAI: According to a BBC survey conducted in the state between December 2015 and January 2016, 8.2 million people watch the BBC Tamil news bulletins on ‘Thanthi TV’ in Tamil Nadu every week. BBC Tamil’s Monday to Friday news bulletins have been broadcasted since April 2015 at 19.30 local time on Thanthi TV. Presented by BBC Tamil’s Sangeetha Rajan, they bring Thanthi TV viewers regional and international news from the BBC.

Over the year on air, the programme has covered, among other issues, the UK elections – reporting from various parts of Britain on how ethnic minorities, notably Tamils, would exercise their vote. It has also used its network of reporters in Sri Lanka to bring a comprehensive picture of the parliamentary elections there.

“BBC Tamil TV’s significant success in the dynamic and competitive market in Tamil Nadu is a testament to the robust content, provided to the exacting editorial standards of the BBC. I am glad our first venture into the TV market in the state – the first Tamil TV by any global broadcaster in Tamil Nadu - has found such a resounding endorsement among audiences, through our partner Thanthi TV,” says BBC Tamil Editor, Manivannan Thirumalai.

“Our very successful partnership with the BBC has allowed us to capitalise on the brand strengths and journalistic values of both the media houses. As we cover a vast range of issues, from politics, economy, business to entertainment, culture and human-interest stories, Thanthi TV, along with the BBC, will strive hard to raise the benchmark of viewers’ expectation with accuracy and unbiased reportage,” adds Thanthi TV Editor-in-Chief, R Rangaraj Pandey.

BBC Tamil is part of the BBC World Service.