| 25 Mar 2023
Big FM's efforts to challenge smokers quit smoking

MUMBAI: Big FM (Kanpur) is coming up with a revised activity on 31 May- Anti Tobacco Day where the station would challenge smokers to quit smoking for 72 hours during their stay in radio station's studio.

RJ Sid who is leading the activity says,"Like last year we will take entries from chain-smokers who voluntarily comes to quit smoking. From all the entries, three will be selected and ultimately, one who manages to stay without smoking, shall win".

"Last year, a girl was held as a winner as she had the courage to come forward in spite of the social stigma and surprisingly, she is a non-smoker now," adds RJ Sid.

The activity which starts on 31 May evening, will come to an end on 3 June. The participants will be kept under medical observation during their stay in the studio.