| 01 Oct 2023
Radio Mirchi takes up job swap activity with traffic police in Amritsar

MUMBAI: Private FM stations' social initiatives for listeners have turned into interesting methodologies including Radio Mirchi (Amritsar) which has taken a step ahead with the 'job swap activity'. In the activity, RJ Heer (morning show host) did a job swap with a woman Traffic Officer to understand the toughness of her job in sweltering weather conditions, and also asked listeners to voluntarily participate in this cause and do a job swap on Friday.

Radio Mirchi programming-head Pervez Bhateja stated," BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) project is on full swing in Amritsar and due this project many automatic traffic signals are not working so Traffic department has deployed lady traffic officers on various junctions across the city, who not only do their duty under scorching sun but also face atrocious attitude of rule breakers, where on the other hand they are doing their duty efficiently. So, RJ Heer decided to go ahead with the job swap activity".

When we connected to RJ Heer, she sounded more than happy to have the experience. Heer said, "After five- minutes, I was feeling as if my skin is burning. The traffic police, they have to stand still with the hot sun hovering over them. I tried to take the same experience by switching to be a traffic lady for a day and brought the lady officer to our office as it was a job swap. I managed the traffic for an hour or two and properly directed the traffic. We also gifted the traffic police a 'Mirchi Umbrella' and asked them to administer the traffic standing under the shed of it. It was a great experience and the SP-Traffic called and thanked me for the initiative."