| 04 Mar 2024
Club FM's special initiative motivating many to read and write

MUMBAI:Club FM's campaign 'Paadam Onnu, Oru Kai Sahayam' (Lesson 1- a helping hand) that has been running for the past seven years is a special initiative for the under privileged students.

Under the campaign the radio station provides study material to poor and needy students. The material is sent to the radio station by their listeners, who wish to be a part of the cause.

Club FM programming head Priyaraj Govindraj said, "The public participation for our campaign is huge. We ask our listeners to atleast get an extra pen or a pencil when they buy study materials for their own kids."

"Our listeners especially come to our studio with the study material they can contribute," added Priyaraj.

There are more than two lakh students in Kerala who cannot afford study material like- bag, book, water bottle, umbrella and other stationary items. Therefore, the radio station's effort to help these children is remarkable.

Priyaraj also shared, "We ask the contributors to cover the materials and write a special message to the kid who will be receiving it. One need not know the reciever but the special message does bring a smile on his/her face."