| 01 Jun 2023
MY FM successfully concluded æPaison ka PedÆ in Raipur & Ahmedabad

Mumbai: After Jaipur and Indore, MY FM concluded the third leg of radio reality show 'Paiso Ka Ped' in Raipur and Ahmadabad. It was a 4 days non-stop thrill and excitement in both the cities.

The money tree was installed at Magneto Mall in Raipur. Mrs. Dolly Roysinha came out as the only woman to win the Paison Ka Ped contest. Competing with mostly male contenders, Mrs. Roysinha showed tremendous passion and endurance which lasted 73 hours and 33 minutes and won her a whooping Rs. 3 lacs and a lot of admirers.

The activity simultaneously took place in Ahmedabad in the Alpha One mall. The response in Ahmedabad reassured that this activity is humble and exciting for the participants. Mr. Nirmal Solanki came out as the winner amongst the 30 other participants. Mr. Solanki was definitely the most deserving participant amongst the highly competitive applicants. He too won a cheque Rs. 5 lacs as gratification for his unprecedented effort.

The specially fabricated tree made with coins and currency notes was installed in the central atrium of the Mall, the finalist had to hold the tree at all the time even while doing the task. The finalists were given a grand welcome to the venue, they drove down to the venue in BMWs, Audi and Mercedes and the convoy was led by Harley and Royal Enfield bikers.

The three-week-long campaign got overwhelming registrations in both the cities, of which only 30 were shortlisted through a screening process. The final 30 competing candidates for the top spot were chosen after a medical examination. The activity involved the participant to clear the task/challenges while holding the tree.

The activity is simple yet effective and teaches of passion, endurance and hard work. The winner was decided amongst the participants who managed to hold the tree for the longest duration. Both the cities saw a great response from the participants and the audience.

Speaking on the occasion MY FM CEO Harrish Bhatia, says, "We started with a unique initiative and we have come quite far. The success in Jaipur and Indore, gave us the encouragement to take it other cities. The activity is entertaining for the audience but at the same time the passion shown by the participant is outstanding.”

Mr.s Dolly Roysinha from Raipur said, “It was a tough yet fun filled activity. Everybody watching us and the participant were only excited that gave me a lot of encourage and finally I won it. Also I am very thrilled as I am the only woman who has won this contest.”

An elated, Nirmal Solanki from Ahmadabad, said, “I am very happy to have won this competition and grateful to MY FM for bringing in such innovation. It’s been a great experience”.