| 25 Jun 2024
Indigo RJs form band to make more music on World Music Day

MUMBAI: Bengaluru based FM radio station Indigo is giving a different spin to its programming this World Music Day. The entire RJ team at Indigo is forming a band and they will perform at Indigo Live Music Bar at the station on 21 June 2016.

In a candid conversation with, one of the station's self professed 'crazy' RJs, Shagufta said, “Music heals everything and it is a universal language. The concept of World Music Day is an all-day musical fiesta and for this day we have formed a band. All the RJs are gearing up for a musical gala. As of now, it is a short term idea and we haven’t decided the name of the band; if the sound is good and everyone likes it, we will think further. There will be instruments and we will be singing and jamming throughout the day. In the past years, we have interviewed musicians but this year, this is something exciting as there will be distinctive playlists of all the musicians who will be on air on this day.”

The multi-talented RJ Lester who is absolutely dramatic on-air and loves EDM and tracks which have lyrics in them, shared the essentials, “Me, Shagufta and Michelle will be singing for the band, Nathan will play the guitar, the rest of the people will accompany us along with the other instruments. Moreover, there will be several world famous musicians with their individual playlist to give it a different paradigm. I have prepared a playlist which includes an array of genres and artists such as Shakira to Kylie Minogue, Jay Sean to Justin Bieber and much more. This year, it will be crazily different as all the RJs will be performing together.”