| 30 May 2024
TV actress Ragini Khanna's mother RJ Kamini to host Big FM's 'Seher', yet again

MUMBAI: Big FM seems to be going the devotional way. For after having launched 'Sokoli Tomari Iccha', a show with an emotional essence in Kolkata and Asansol the station now launches yet another offering on the similar path, 'Seher'. 'Seher' touches the grounds of spirituality, astrology and daily horoscope.

‘Seher’ is a morning band show that is hosted by multifaceted actress, host, astrologer and singer, RJ Kamini Khanna. She also happens to be mother of well-know TV actress Ragini Khanna. Here, the RJ shares her view on necessary thoughts, routines and practices that one must imbibe and follow everyday to feel good, rejuvenated and motivated. She further gives effective advice on how to talk and present oneself in various situations, thereby bringing about positive changes in a person's personality and behaviour.

Thus, Big FM’s latest offering promises a fresh and invigorating start with spiritual and wellness lessons, daily between 6 am to 7am on big FM across the networks’ 34 stations in Hindi. The show also airs in Marathi in Mumbai and Sholapur market of the radio network.

Speaking about her experience of being the show host, RJ Kamini Khanna said, “I am delighted to be a part of 92.7 Big FM’s show ‘Seher’ once again. I am sure it will continue to create delight for listeners as we have done in the past. It is a great platform to educate listeners about the varied aspects of spirituality, astrology and wellness. Moreover, astrology is extremely close to my heart and I am happy to bring my 22 years of experience to the table. I hope ‘Seher’ will bring positivity into the lives of listeners, and is liked by one and all.”

A spokesperson from Big FM said, “Our diverse line-up of shows caters to the varied interests of our listeners. We have observed that our listeners are increasingly accepting devotional and spiritual content on radio. With ‘Seher’, we aim to provide them with fresh and engaging content which will give their day a positive start.  We are certain that with Kamini Khanna’s stellar background in astrology, our listeners will be left with a positive impact by tuning in to our show every morning.”

‘Seher’ is an existing Big FM property and RJ Kamini has hosted it earlier. In 2012, the show used to air daily from 5am to 7am and it was available on 29 stations across India.