| 01 Jun 2023
Radio Choklate plans ground events for Friendship Day, Independence Day
MUMBAI: Eastern Media Limited's radio venture Radio Choklate has chalked up special programming for two important occasions in August- Friendship Day and Independence day. 

Friendship Day Special (Saanga in Odia)

The Friendship day campaign will run from 3 August to 7 August 2016. The radio station will have three days on-ground activity- from 3-5 August and three days on-air activity from 5-7 August. RJ Niel and RJ Renuka will visit colleges in Orissa where the radio jockeys will collect bytes from students and play them on-air. They will also interact with students and conduct game shows with them where they will have an opportunity to dedicate one song to their best friend and share one of the best experiences they had with them. Listeners will also have a chance to share their best moments spent with their companions, on-air.

Independence Day Special

For Independence Day, Radio Choklate has planned a five-day long programming from 11-15 August. The activity includes ground and on-air both, in which the FM station has divided each day with a specific topic.

i.  Freedom of Fashion

ii. Freedom of choosing my career

iii. Freedom of expressions

iv. Freedom of food

v.  Freedom of choosing my life partner

The RJs of the station will go to random places like malls and streets and people will share their opinions on the topics mentioned above. For each day, different RJs have been assigned.