| 20 Jul 2024
Will RJ Siddharth's 'Big Mumbai Caravan' series turn into audio book?

MUMBAI: Big FM RJ Siddharth's breakfast show is currently airing a five week series, Big Mumbai Caravan', that attempts to bring Mumbaikars closer to their city.

The series, that captures different aspects of the city every week, could well be turned into an audio book in the coming days.

“The idea came to me when I planned to have a Bori Thal one day. This is a unique concept where eight people eat together in one plate. It was then that I realised that there are so many elements of Mumbai that we are unaware of. Thus emerged the idea of covering the journey of Mumbai. Currently, we are in the fourth week of the series,” says the RJ, who went on to do an in-depth research about the city and its aspects before initiating the series.

Here is how he divided the weeks:

Week 1: Making of the city

Week 2: Food

Week 3: Public transport

Week 4: Journey of the studios in the city

Week 5: Theatre

The RJ explains that though we assume to know the city, we do not know it in and out. There are also a lot of misconceptions about Mumbai and those will be covered on-air. “When we talk about Maharashtrian food, people only relate it with vada pav. Now that is not the only Maharashtrian fare. There is so much more. We also talk about Irani chai. But, what is Irani chai? It’s simply tea made in thick milk. Not many know about these tiny details.”

The theatre section will also have some well-known personalities like Amol Palekar and Boman Irani speaking on the show.

Siddharth now has plans of converting the series into an audio book. He says, “There is so much that one would like to go through again. That's why I thought of coming up with something like an audio book. However, nothing is concrete yet. Let’s see.”